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Yucca Rostrata – Hardy Beaked Yucca – LARGE

Yucca rostrata is one of the most beautiful and well know desert yuccas, with its nearly spherical heads, formed by numerous long blue-green to blue-grey leaves.Yucca rostrata also called beaked yucca, is a tree-like plant, it is native to Texas USA and areas of Mexico. The trunk will reach up to 4.5 meters tall, with a crown of blue leaves at the top. The foliage is thin and stiff with each leaf blade 40-70cms long, but only around 1.5cms wide, tapering off to a pointed tip. When mature it will produce large impressive panicles of white flowers.In the garden it is proving to be an enormously tolerant and versatile plant, handling sun, drought, and plentiful rainfall provided good drainage. It is extremely hardy with hardiness down to -20C, so one of the best for UK gardens, drainage is the key to so many plants that may often seem exotic, it’s not the cold they can’t handle but waterlogged soils.Well suited to growing in containers, it starts slowly but steadily, and will grow