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Evergreen Camellia japonica Volunteer – Perfect for Patios

Camellia japonica ‘Volunteer’ is an exquisite large flowered form of evergreen Camellia, the gorgeous large blooms open from fat buds in mid to late winter and continue through to Spring. In mild winters and a sheltered position they can sometimes start as early as mid-December! Perhaps try in a nice planter near to the house so you don’t miss them.The beautiful blooms start as a soft pink with a lighter edge, with each flower having the appearance as if it has been dusted with icing sugar, indeed the flowers have such a sumptuous look to them that they do look almost good enough to eat, – like some kind of delicious sweet candy. They are of course for decoration only, providing a feast for the eyes, but who could resist being attracted to these in the garden?As the blooms age, the intensity of each blooms colour deepens, with the edge of each petals tips maintaining a lighter shade, this enhances the two-tone effect of each flower. A recently introduced variety, supply is limit