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Poncirus trifoliata – Japanese Bitter Orange – Hardy Citrus

Poncirus trifoliata, the sought after Japanese Bitter Orange, is an amazing hardy shrubby plant, also known as the trifoliate orange.It is unmistakable in the garden, recognised by its large 3-5cm thorns on the shoots and the deciduous foliage with three or occasionally five leaflets. The flowers are white, with pink stamens, larger than those of true citrus but otherwise closely resembling them, lightly fragranced, the scent is much less pronounced than with true citrus varieties. As with true citrus, the leaves give off a spicy smell when crushed.The fruits are green, ripening to yellow, and 3-4cm in diameter similar in size to a lime and resembling a small orange, but with a finely downy surface and having a fuzzy texture similar to a peach. The fruits also have distinctive smell from other citrus varieties and often contain a high concentration of seeds. An amazing, unusual plant. Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers.