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Ornamental Brassica Cabbage – Purple

These ornamental cabbage plants look great right now, right through to Spring.Their vibrant colours and architectural shapes really do lift the spirits in the duller months, and actually intensify the colder the weather becomes.Great for planters on the patio or in beds around the garden. Planted en-mass for a bold splash of colour, they make

Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree – Syringa Palibin – Large Standard – 120-140cms tall

Blooming in May-June, and for a second time in August-September this superb standard lilac tree is the perfect way to enjoy the bright lavender-purple flowers that are spread over the entire canopy.The exquisite perfume produced by this pretty lilac when in flower makes it worth growing alone – your Lilac tree will not only catch

Patio Standard Callistemon Tree – Red Australian Bottle Brush Tree

SPECIAL DEAL – Usually 29.99, today just 19.99 – Save ฃ10!Amazing frost hardy evergreen “Bottle Brush” Tree from Australia – Perfect for the patio.Splendid crimson-red, brush-like flowerspikes are borne on the plants in late May, June and July, reliably every year.Perfect for patio plants on a sunny terrace or in the garden itself.The leaves release

SPECIAL DEAL – Heathers – Pack of THREE – DEEP PINK Flowering Heather Plants

These Heather plants provide excellent evergreen ground cover, and bright flower colour in the dullest months of the year, from Autumn to Spring.Full of buds and colouring up nicely right now to provide a long period of garden interest, Heathers are one of the easiest to grow evergreens – perfect for planters or a carpet