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Ceanothus impressus Cool Blue – Hardy Variegated Victoria Ceanothus

This brand new Ceanothus is already a Gold Medal winning variety, in part thanks to a great pedigree, meaning it is fully hardy, but also due to the brightest variegation seen in ceanothus.Originally discovered in the Netherlands as a chance variation on a shoot of Ceanothus Victoria growing in a commercial nursery, the shoot was carefully cultivated and reproduced, proving to be a strong plant in it’s own right, with the new variegated foliage strong and stable. The particularly good thing about the parentage of Cool Blue Ceanothus is that it is derived from the Victoria variety which is widely known, and well renowned as the hardiest form of Californian lilac available – and this new silver variegated plant has inherited this trait, meaning it can be planted with confidence even in more northern garden.The Cool Blue Ceanothus, or Californian Lilac as they are also known has a really nice dark green centre to the lead that is surrounded by a wide creamy white margin. It is uprigh