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Calocephalus brownii – Silver Threads Plant

This is fantastic hardy ‘Silver Thread’ plant that’s an ideal choice for seasonal planters with a unique form, colour and texture. Great to use combined with other plants to provide a contrast in form and colour, from colourful Heucheras to Black Ornamental Grasses, it forms a small mound of ghostly silvery-white twisted foliage and stems.This

Camellia japonica Lady Campbell

A spectacular camellia with large, peony-rose type flowers and deep green, glossy leaves on compact, upright growth. With masses of flowers for many weeks, this is one of the best around. It’s ideal for a mixed or spring border and the foliage provides an excellent foil for spring bulbs. Supplied in approx. 3 litre containers

Ilex aquifolium pyramidalis

Supplied in approx. 10 litre containers.

Ilex crenata Stokes

Supplied in approx. 1 litre containers.

Taxus baccata ‘Semperaurea’ – Gold Irish Yew

This Yew shrub plant is a magnificent conifer that can fulfill a number of roles in a variety of garden styles.Dense and bushy with evergreen bright gold new growth in spring that slowly softens to a rich yellow through summer.Taxus baccata ‘Semperaurea looks good year round, the  golden yellow needles tinge orange through the winter

Salix udensis Golden Sunshine – Gold Leaf Willow

Salix udensis Golden Sunshine is a new Gold leaf Willow, it is a magnificent breakthrough variety with bright yellow foliage. It will be perfect as an isolated accent plant, at the edge of a piece of water or as a border backdrop, even used as an unusual hedge screen. Supplied in approx 10 litre containers.

Aucuba japonica Golden King

Supplied in approx. 2-3 litre containers.

Acer griseum – Paperbark Maple

The Paper Bark Maple – Acer griseum – commands attention and much love thanks to it tactile cinnamon shaded peeling bark.The peeling bark layers can be paper-thin and translucent in sunlight adding an enchanting effect as they twist and curl ornately against the trunk of the tree.This provides particular interest in winter as much as

Potentilla fruticosa. ‘Red Ace’

Red Ace is a bushy deciduous shrub with yellow back leaves and beautiful bright red flowers in the summer and autumn and may fade to a lovely orange in hot sun. Perfect front of border plant for a bold planting scheme based on hot colours.Supplied in approx. 3.5 litre containers.

Potentilla fruticosa. Abbotswood

Abbotswood is a deciduous bushy shrub with beautiful, large white flowers from spring time to the first frosts of winter that will cover the plant.Supplied in approx. 3.5 litre containers.

Dianella Coolvista – Ornamental Grass

Be cool and plant Coolvista!This Dianella variety, Coolvista displays trendy blue-gray foliage throughout the year. It has a spiky, upright growth forming a dense clump. Coolvista is drought and heat resistant in summer and prefers a well-drained soil in full sun, it is perfect used in patio planters, garden beds or borders in the warmer

Asplenium scolopendrium crispum Cristatum – Harts Tongue Fern

A fantastic textured outdoor fern with lustrous, tough, bright green fronds and serrated irregular edges at the tips. Evergreen, full hardy and happiest when planted in part to full shade this medium to large sized Asplenium is an ideal addition to shaded borders with its unusual frilly vase shaped appearance.A handsome evergreen, hart’s tongue fern,

Prunus incisa Kojo-No-Mai – Standard Fuji Cherry Tree

Prunus ‘Kojo-no-mai’ or Fuji Cherry as it is commonly known, is a very pretty and delicate looking deciduous plant – yet it is tough, hardy and easy to grow. The long, wiry twigs burst into life in late winter and early spring when the crimson buds open to display stunning pale flowers. The young leaves

XXXL Giant Phoenix canariensis – Canary Island Date Palm – EXTRA LARGE PATIO PALM TREES 220-290cm

An extra large, well established palm at over 2 metres tall, some nearly 3 metres, this really will add instant impact.’Totally Tropical’, this striking, winter-hardy ‘architectural’ palm makes a superb feature and will add a sunny ‘desert island’ feel to your patio or garden for years to come!This is a great time to add drama

Magnolia Coates

Supplied in approx 3 litre containers.

Magnolia Yellow Lantern

Supplied in approx. 3 litre containers.

Magnolia Cameo

Supplied in approx 3 litre containers.

Magnolia Limelight

Beautiful, Buttermilk shaded large flowers. Supplied in approx. 3 litre containers.

Acorus gramineus Ogon

SPECIAL DEAL – Usually 5.99, today just 2.99 – Save ฃ3!Acorus ‘Ogon’ is a particularly attractive, dwarf, rush-like plant with gold and green variegated leaves which, while not fully evergreen, will withstand all but the worst winters.Grown only for their foliage, plants associate well with other compact evergreens such as bergenia and black mondo grass

Pinus Summer Breeze – Patio Tree

A slow-growing, dwarf variety of black pine, creating a dense, oval-shaped crown with long, dark green needles.Best in a moist but well-drained soil and a sunny position, it copes with all soil types and is ideal for coastal areas.โ€˜Summer Breezeโ€™ is a slow-compact egg shape growing Pine. She is a beauty the whole year with