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Rambling Rose Open Arms

Open Arms is a special climbing rose that is best described as a miniature rambler. It produces strong plants with glossy green, healthy foliage that will scramble up to around 3 metres (8-10ft) tall.A repeat bloomer it will produces masses and masses of semi-double soft pink blooms that quickly fade to pale pink, each bloom with prominent golden stamens in the centre – the individual flowers are small, but are held in large clusters which creates a magnificent effect.The perfect rose for a traditional cottage style garden, it also benefits from a pleasant light fragrance, making it a magnet for bees and butterflies too. Unlike many rambling Roses, Open Arms is relatively compact and easily maintained – it will not grow wild and out of control and is easily trained over a fence, wall, trellis, arbour or obelisk, yet will retain a natural less formal look and feel.Supplied in approx 1-2 litre containers.