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Large 6-7ft Specimen – Climbing Rose – Perennial Blush

This medium sized climbing rose has delicate, open centred flowers with two rows of petals. The bright yellow pollen is on display in the centre and the petals are mostly white, though they open from pink buds and keep a bit of their colour at first. Though each flower is quite small, they burst together in bunches and the smell is sweet.  This repeat flowering rambler produces large, conical shaped clusters of white flowers with a pink hue in late spring and, if dead headed after the first flush, again in the autumn and a few in between. Foliage is medium green, glossy and has shown an excellent resistance to fungal diseases. Basal shoots are supple and can be easily trained horizontally on trellises, pillars, arches and gazebos.   Flowers are produced both on new shoots and side shoots on older wood. Once established it can provide a dense flowering thicket. This variety reaches a height of approx 2.5-3.0m.Supplied in approx 5.5 litre containers at around 6-7ft tall, very