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Pair of 80-90cm Contemporary Christmas Trees in Festive Baskets

SPECIAL CHRISTMAS DEAL – Usually 79.99, today just 29.99 – Save ฃ50!Enjoy the much loved scent of a real pine Christmas Tree supplied in a smart contemporary form.If you struggle to find room for one of the traditional large Christmas Trees, this special tree could be the solution. Offering a smart pyramidal form and neat deep green foliage, as a growing tree just need keep watered and it will retain its needles indoors without a problem. These look particularly classy with a set of simple white lights glittering from the base, around the trees conical form to the apex.They look especially good paraded in pairs, flanking an entrance or doorway perhaps, to really add that extra festive welcome to your home. Supplied at around 80-90cms overall, with Grey-White Rattan baskets, these trees are also big enough to fit indoors, on a corner table for example, all with that definitive forest fragrance.Once the festivities are over, place outside on the patio or plant in the garden