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Giant Cycad – Cycas revoluta – King Sago Palm Tree Specimen – 60-80cm

Cycas revoluta is one of the most primitive living plants, they are very unusual and popular ornamentals.The rugged trunk, topped with whorled feathery leaves has lead to the common name ”Sago Palm” – our customers often refer to them as looking like Pineapples! They are of course not edible!! Cycads are also often called ”living fossils” and they have changed very little in the last 200 million years. While various species of Cycads can be found throughout the world, the subtropical Cycas revoluta is native to the Far East and has been used as a choice container and landscape plant for centuries. The growth habit of Cycas revoluta displays an upright trunk topped with stiff feather-like leaves growing in a circular pattern.Rather than continuously adding foliage, Sagos produce a periodic flush of new leaves. Eventually, offsets begin to grow at the base of the specimen, and occasionally in the crown. The addition of offsets provides a source of new plants and many poss