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Syringa vulgaris Amethyst – Fragrant Purple Lilac

Lilacs are perhaps the most iconic of late spring flowering shrubs, being both a beautiful site in flower and gorgeously scented.They can be kept as a shrub or grown in to a small tree. No one can discuss Syringa vulgaris without mentioning Victor Lemoine and his son Emile who, at their nursery in Nancy, France, raised many of today’s cultivars although Syringa vulgaris Amethyst was not one of these. It is none the less a recently introduced, superb, large, hardy shrub with glossy green leaves and with many dense panicles of richly fragrant deep lilac reddish edged single flowers in May and June. You’ll be thrilled with this new plant in your garden, sure to be the envy of all that see it and chance to sniff it’s heady perfume.This plant can be planted as part of a mixed border or as a stand alone specimen in the garden or a container. They can be used as an excellent fresh cut flower as well as enjoyed in the garden, and look great against the fresh green foliage. Highly fragra