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Pair of 1.2m Canary Island Phoenix Date Palms – Perfect for Patio Planters

PAIR OF PHOENIX CANARY ISLAND DATE PALMS’Totally Tropical’, these striking, winter-hardy architectural palms make a superb feature and will add a sunny ‘desert island’ feel to your patio for years to come! This is a great time to add drama to your garden and bring in a Mediterranean flavour with a set of our heat and drought tolerant palms, supplied nice and strong in pots with a total height of up to around 100-120cm (3-4ft).Amazing but true, ‘Phoenix Canariensis’ will be perfectly at home in our climate and will quite happily cope with temperatures as low as -6 degrees C.Often seen in the Canary Islands and mainland Spain, with its wonderful deep green, leaves wafting in the sea breeze, the Canary Island Date Palm is a truly magical exotic that will look just as spectacular on your patio in a pot or planted into your garden.Surprisingly fast growing, your palm will form an attractive, thick trunk as it matures and produce bunches of attractive, cream, bowl shaped flower