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Monstera Dubia on Plank – Rare and Unusual

SPECIAL DEAL – Usually 149.99, today just 129.99 – Save ฃ20!Monstera dubia is one of the smaller, lesser known monstera varieties, but itโ€™s very beautiful and makes a great addition to any monstera loverโ€™s houseplant collection.You can recognize monstera dubia by the small, heart-shaped leaves, speckled with both light and dark green. Since juvenile plants (the kind youโ€™ll likely see indoors) lack the iconic monstera slits and holes, you may not even recognize it as a monstera at first! But the gorgeous light and dark green patterned leaves make this a beautiful plant in its own right, even without the fenestration.Monstera dubia is sometimes called the โ€œshingle plantโ€ because its leaves lie so flat against the trees it climbs in the wild, creating the appearance of shingles!One of the most fascinating things about monstera dubia is that this plant undergoes an incredible transformation when it reaches maturity and is exposed to bright sunlig