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Imperial Tree Dahlia – Dahlia Imperialis Pink Flash – Majestic 2m Skyscraper Dahlias!

If looming sunflowers are not to your taste, why not consider growing the world’s tallest Dahlia this summer?Our clever Horticulturalists have created a towering version of the popular flower that can grow up to 8ft tall or more on fertile soils and carry hundreds of flowers.The Tree Dahlia has been bred from naturally long-stemmed varieties sold in cut flower markets, Pink Flash is the original colour, with more sure to follow over the coming years.As simple to grow as any other Dahlia, they can even stay outside during winter provided theyโ€™re on well drained soil with a good six inch covering of mulch over winter. Theyโ€™ll then sit dormant in the soil over winter to re-emerge with vigour and masses of flowering stems the following year.Strong and robust, with stems as thick as a bamboo, nobody had really recognised the concept of a Tree Dahlia before these super-tall natives of Mexico were developed and cultivated.So simple to grow, we supply them as well establ