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Delosperma Desert Jewels

This cheerful mix of robust, compact ground cover plants will thrive in the toughest conditions – hot sun and poor soils present no problem at all to Delosperma with their fleshy foliage perfectly adapted to store precious water reserves in summer. In Winter, they will surprise with their winter hardiness, pulling through the colder months to gave a great display again in following years.These low growing, hardy perennials are easy and undemanding, bringing a shock of exotic colour to gravel gardens, alpine troughs and rockeries, and really do boast some of the most psychedelic colour combinations when planting several together to form a carpet of mixed colour.Hardy and low maintenance plants, they make fabulous ground cover for sunny banks and poor stony soils. Perfect for those hot, dry problem areas where many other plants would fail to establish.  Ideal for Patio, Ground Cover, Alpine & Rockery, Low Maintenance Gardens and Coastal Gardens.Supplied in approx 1-2 litre