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Camellia sinensis – Tea Bush – Grow your Own Cuppa!

Green Tea just got fresher, thanks to this plant, so put the kettle on and use the leaves from this specially selected Camellia species to make the worlds freshest cup of green tree – picked direct from your own garden and brewed straight away.Said to have all sorts of health giving properties, we’re thinking we could just set up our own Great British Green Tea plantation with a few of these and save some food miles to boot. If green tea isn’t your thing, you could dry and process into regular brown tea – you could even try picking the leaves at slightly different growth stages to make your very own tea blends from a builders brew to perhaps something a little lighter in complexion. What ever you choose to do, please be aware we won’t be supplying milk or sugar in this instance – just the plants!There’s more than just a refreshing brew with this plant however, in Spring, it will cover itself in masses of white flowers with a huge boss of yellow central stamens, it’s as if some