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VARIEGATED Vanilla Orchid Plant – Vanilla planifolia – Madagascar Vanilla Bean in white pot – Grow your Own Vanilla!

SPECIAL CHRISTMAS DEAL – Usually 29.99, today just 24.99 – Save ฃ5!Wow! Here’s something for all the plant aficionados and foodies – a real Vanilla plant!  Yes, every ones favourite flavouring from ice cream and deserts to even scented candles can now been grown fresh at home. The flavour of real fresh vanilla pods is superior to anything you could possibly buy in the supermarkets, they won’t cost a small fortune, plus these plants are easy to grow too.  Elegant and exotic, the allure of orchids is undeniable and this Vanilla plant is no exception, even the most nervous newcomer can grow them with confidence as they are very simple to care for like any other houseplant.  Even if you are not lucky enough to get flowers and pods, you’ll still have a beautiful climbing indoor plant.Vanilla Orchids are a rare and hard to come by plant that are highly prized, plus this particular cultivar is even more pretty with a lime coloured central segment to each of the be