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Adams Laburnum – Laburnocytisus adamii – Young Tree – 80-120cm tall

This is an incredible plant, and it would be easy to forgive misidentification of a brightly coloured clematis scrambling through a normal yellow laburnum tree from a distance if you did not know it was an Adams Labrunum. A deciduous tree, featuring both rich pink and golden canary yellow flowers on the same branches this is a horticultural rarity, discovered by chance when a French nurseryman unwittingly, yet effectively produced a hybrid between Laburnum and Cytisus purpureus – also known as the Purple Broom.The result is an abundance pendulous flowers, which give the tree an elegant look, with the blooms produced in shades of yellow, mauve-pink and sometimes salmon pink. These attractive flowers are produced from late spring through to early summer. Hardy and low maintenance, grow this spectacular plant as a specimen tree to appreciate its unusual flowers from all angles.Adam’s Laburnum is slow-growing so is an ideal tree for the smaller garden, reaching four to eight metre tal