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Nandina domestica Obsessed – Heavenly Bamboo Obession

A new Nandina cultivar that has intensely coloured foliage, Obsessed, has fiery red young foliage that ages to green. The autumn colour is also strikingly red with the colour persisting through the winter. It is sure to be a big hit in the near future as the colour is retained through much of the season. Like all Nandina it is easy to grow, and fully evergreen, thriving in fertile soil and a reasonably sunny spot.Nandina Obsession is an improved selection of the popular dwarf Nandina variety ‘Gulf Stream’, reaching the same height of approximately 60-70cm, but unlike its parent, Obsessed has bright red new growth in the warmer months as well as the colder months. Obsessed keeps its dense, upright growth habit and does not spread with age. It is very drought, cold and weather tolerant and non-invasive, making it perfect for smaller gardens and patio planters where it will work hard and look good all year round, it can even be used as a low hedge to separate neighbouring driveways at