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Large Hanging Basket – Strawberry Ostara in Hanging Pots – Everbearing Strawberry

Strawberry ‘Ostaria’ is a special variety that will produce continual flushes of flowers and delicious fruits throughout the season, enormous yields of good size strawberries can be expected, the fruit itself has a lovely flavour and aroma.Known as everbearing thanks to the long cropping period, these abundantly fruiting strawberries really do have an ongoing fruit producing capacity to keep going throughout the summer, and not just for the Wimbledon fortnight!With good pest and disease resistance, Ostara performs well in a wide range of growing conditions and soils, it can be grown in the garden or in large pots, or simply keep them in these convenient hanging pots – just keep them well watered and you can expect plenty of delicious strawberries every year.Our Super sized, well established plants are 2 years old and supplied growing in containers, so you can expect to harvest plenty of fruit in the first year from every plant – we use stock as planted by professional fruit far