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Patio Fruit Tree – Compact Williams Pear Tree

Grow your own sweet, juicy pears! Thought you didn’t have enough space to have a fruit tree in your garden? Well, think again! Now, with this fantastic patio pear tree grafted on to dwarfing rootstock, you can have delicious pears.Williams is extremely popular, and reknowned for being very sweet, very juicy and full of flavour. Full sun in a south-facing position is desirable for growing fruit and will encourage a more abundant crop, but other positions will also be fine.This patio fruit tree is grafted on a special root stock to give a maximum mature height of approx 1.2-1.5 metres, is self pollinating, although if you have additional pear trees within a few miles, busy bees will further improve fruit set by cross pollinating with other tree. Supplied in an approx 7 litre containers.