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Photinia Red Robin – LARGE Evergreen Specimen – 100-140cm

This popular evergreen shrub has brilliant red, glossy young foliage and clusters of small, white flowers in mid to late spring. It is ideal planted on it’s own or in a small group to make a bold feature, used as a backdrop to garden borders or alternatively it is an ideal hedging plant – creating a dense evergreen impenetrable barrier.Photinia Red Robin has brilliant red, glossy young foliage, and this is what it is principally grown for. The large rounded heads of small ivory white flowers in mid-late spring are however a secondary attraction in their own right, and these are sometimes followed by spherical red fruit.A very versatile evergreen plant, it is deservedly popular, colouring up best in full sun, yet still makes a handsome background evergreen in partial shade too.It can cope with hard pruning, so can be trimmed to form an informal hedge or clipped into a very smart strong shape.The bright red, glossy new foliage really does make Photinia x fraseri Red Robin one of