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Buddleja Morning Mist – Silver Anniversary Buddleia

A new variety with Intensely silver foliage topped with scented white flowers that attract butterflies! This miniature buddleja has already undergone a name change from ‘Silver Anniversary’ to ‘Morning Mist’, it’s easy to see why both names are very deserving. Its big selling point is the superb, silvery woolly evergreen foliage. The packed tiny white flowers make shorter panicles than the ones on the traditional buddlejas. Be daring and place it nearer the front of the border to cool down hot colour schemes, or use as a link plant amongst a group of pastels.Not widely available yet, this is a very Classy plant. The season-long striking foliage makes a fabulous foil for other plants in any mixed border, the clusters of white flowers with mustard coloured eyes have a sweet honey scent, and are also highly attractive. No wonder this variety is already reaching high acclaim in the gardening magazines.We are predicting limited supply and high demand for this new plant, so recommen